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About Diego Rodriguez
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Diego Rodriguez

Diego Rodriguez is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Currently, he is serving as the President of the Power Marketing Consultants Network, which is the largest international network of professional marketing consultants in the world. The Power Marketing Consultants Network has certified nearly 200 marketing consultants in 9 countries to use the proprietary Power Marketing Program.
Diego Rodriguez and Robert Allen
“Diego doesn’t just teach people how to think differently and overcome limiting beliefs. He’s done it himself and he continues to do so. His enthusiasm is infectious. I’d encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of his business systems and concepts.” - Robert Allen, New York Times Best Selling Author
Diego Rodriguez and Frank Kern
"Diego is the most talented local marketer I've ever met. If I got hit by a bus...Diego is the guy I'd choose to take my place. And if my son wanted to become a consultant and I wasn't around to teach him...I would want Diego to be the person to give him guidance.” - Frank Kern, Legendary Online Marketer
Diego Rodriguez and Mike Koenigs
"Diego is not only a personal friend and confidante, but he is one of the most brilliant marketers I've ever met. His successes speak for themselves and his systems are the best you'll find anywhere." - Mike Koenigs, Traffic Geyser
Diego is a highly sought after business growth consultant and was trained by Jay Abraham. He was also the primary trainer in Mike Koenig's Instant Customer Revolution program and he has trained over 3,000 entrepreneurs in over 40 countries.

He was the creator of the HVAC Mastery Program (for Contractors), the PI Mastery Program (for Personal Injury Attorneys), and the Dental Mastery Program (for Dentists). He was also the creator of the marketing and business development program for Drone Command Live and the Sky Eye Network (for Drone operators).

Diego’s Power Marketing Program has a 100% success record of growing any business in any industry and of any size. He has consulted businesses using the Power Marketing Program in dozens of industries across the world.

Diego lives with his wife and 5 children in Boise, Idaho.
Diego Rodriguez
PO Box 190088
Boise, ID 83719
(208) 739-9333