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What up dudes (and dudettes)? My name is Diego Rodriguez and you are on my website. This of course, is the ABOUT ME page where I'm supposed to tell you why I'm so awesome and why you need to give me all your money and all that kind of stuff.

Or at least I'm supposed to write this page as if someone else wrote it about me. You know, some biographer or news reporter who is telling all of you "little people" about my incredible life and skills and talents. Yup, its lame—but come on—we all know that's what ABOUT ME pages typically look like.

But fortunately for you, my friend, I'm not that kind of a dude. I’m not going to do that to you. You see, I'm really just a regular dude with a very particular set of skills—not entirely unlike Liam Neeson in Taken. And those skills may or may not be of value to you.

So instead of boring you to death, I'm only going to bore you with the following two things:

1. Who I am (so you know for certain I'm not a liberal Democrat).
2. What I do and how I can help you.

That's it. Deal? Okay, lets roll..


For what its worth, I'm a die-hard in the wool American patriot who bleeds red, white, and blue when I'm cut. I live in God's country (also known as Idaho) with my gorgeous wife, Lareina, and our five really cool kids. (I sometimes call my wife "smoking hot" but apparently that offends some people, so I'll just say that my smoking hot wife is gorgeous instead.)

In case you're wondering, I used to have dogs and cats, but I don't anymore. Our 2 dogs were Patriot and Liberty. Our two cats were Funk and Groove. But they're gone. We'll probably get some more one day.

For some strange reason, I've been told that people want to learn about you and the things you like to do on your ABOUT page. Okay, fine. If you really must know, I like funk music and I've played funk bass guitar for over 25 years. I love cheeseburgers. My buddy Frank Kern got me started surfing and I got addicted to it for awhile—but I haven't surfed since February 2015 when I took a nasty spill in Del Mar and tore my ACL. So, I took up Scuba Diving and got addicted to that. My wife is my dive partner.

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I don't eat Mexican food. But like I said, I really love cheeseburgers. I like to shoot guns. I like fast cars. I like to travel. I like FC Barcelona. I love a cold glass of purified water. I like gadgets. I'm an unabashed christian conservative who has been married to the same hot woman for 20 years.

Most people never list the things they don't like, but I'm going to do it anyway. I don't like rude people or people that suck. People who suck, suck. And I don't like people who can't take a joke. I don't like political correctness. I don't like criminals. I don't like things that smell bad. And you know those wussy little small cars that look like baby's booties—or like little boxes with wheels? Yeah, I don't like those. I don't like high fructose corn syrup. Or psychotropic drugs. I don't like oppression. I don't like high taxes or big government. I don't like pain or suffering anywhere in the world.

So that's enough. Enough about me.


My life and occupation is really pretty simple. Most people consider me a business growth consultant—and what that means is that I help businesses grow their companies. That's it. Simple as that. If you own or run a business, and you want it to grow—then I can make that happen. I'm your man. That is my particular set of skills. Skills that I have acquired over a very long career. Over 20 years to be exact.

Here's the short story of how it got started...

In my early years as a young married man, I spent my time in sales. Over time, I really started gravitating towards personal development because I spent a lot of time listening to Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn. Eventually, I went to work for Franklin Covey and even started training others on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

But during this time, I got turned on to Jay Abraham. I rigorously studied his work and began to implement his strategies into my selling and had incredible results. Over time, I integrated the concepts of personal development, selling, and marketing and built my own system for business leverage and growth.

I then went on to start my own Marketing Consulting firm and used my own techniques to grow the company rapidly. I then trained directly with Jay Abraham himself. Ultimately, I spent a few additional years refining my system in the real world and adding new online marketing techniques I learned from some of my friends who were experts in that field. The result was a systematized program called the Power Marketing Program that allows me to systematically grow any company in any industry of any size. So far, the system has a 100% success rate. So in other words—the system is awesome!

Over time, word got out about what I was doing and marketers all around the world were contacting me and asking me to train them. So, we developed a training program to do that and created the Power Marketing Consultants Network—which is a network of professional marketers and marketing agencies who have all been trained to use the Power Marketing Program.

So that's that. That's what I do. I help business owners and entrepreneurs from all industries, of any size, in any place, grow their companies, and ultimately become the #1 company in their industry and in their marketplace. And I train other marketers to do the same thing (when they join the Power Marketing Consultants Network).

If you want me to keep you informed about special offers on my products or services, simply click on the button below to join my mailing list. But be forewarned—I might try to sell you some things from time to time. Seriously. I might do that.
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Diego Rodriguez
PO Box 190088
Boise, ID 83719
(208) 739-9333